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How to Choose the Best Trucking Company

Across the country, trucking companies are looking for drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a few years of driving experience, and a record of safe, reliable deliveries. If you fit the bill, you may be able to join a lease purchase program and take steps toward owning your own truck. Or, if you are an owner-operator with your own vehicle, you can contract with a carrier to start delivering loads on a freelance basis.

Either way, choosing the best trucking company—one that meets your needs, treats you well, and offers you well-paid opportunities—is one of the biggest success factors.

How to Find the Best Trucking Company


Finding the best trucking company or carrier to lease on to or contract with as an owner-operator is the key to building a successful, stable, reliable trucking career.


Do Your Homework

This is a big decision, so take your time, do your homework, and thoroughly research any potential trucking companies to make sure they are a good fit. Start by checking their website, seeing what they offer in terms of driving opportunities, and see how long they have been in business.

Read Online Reviews and Testimonials

Read testimonials and reviews on the trucking company website as well as third-party sites like Glassdoor to see what other drivers and clients have to say about their experience with that carrier. A couple of negative reviews is nothing to worry about, but a pattern of consistent complaints is something to take note of.

Talk to Other Truck Drivers

Your fellow drivers are your best resource for finding a trucking company.

Have candid conversations with other drivers, both those who are currently working with the carrier and former contractors. Ask them about their personal experiences, such as what the job entails, how they feel they are treated by the company, how long they worked with the company, and what issues they have come across.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions is an important part of getting the information you need to make a well-informed decision. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, clarify answers, and do a deep dive into company policies as you research your options.

Questions to Ask a Potential Trucking Company

When you speak with drivers, recruiters, and carrier representatives, consider asking these questions to help you get a better idea of the benefits and opportunities the trucking company offers drivers—and what your life and career would look like if you decided to lease on to or contract with that carrier.

  1. 1. How Is Pay Calculated?

Most trucking companies pay drivers by the mile, and some also offer sign-on bonuses as well as benefits like maintenance, insurance, and administrative help. Consider the conditions required for each of these extra benefits.

  1. 2. Do They Offer Consistent, Reliable Loads?

Does the trucking company haul the type of freight you are interested in? Do they offer lots of options for load pick ups and drop offs? Are you guaranteed a certain number of loads per week or month?

The types of trucking jobs the carrier offers can help guide your decision. There’s no need to waste time with a company that offers jobs you aren’t interested in taking.

  1. 3. Do They Have High-Quality Equipment?

If you want to apply to a lease purchase program, determine the quality of the trucks and other equipment the company has available to lease. Look at the types of trucks they offer as well as the safety and comfort features the vehicles have. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the truck—make sure it’s a good one.

  1. 4. How Do They Treat Their Drivers?

The best trucking companies treat their drivers as equals. Search for carriers that value their drivers, pay them on time, offer plenty of home time, and care about their success.

  1. 5. What Home Time Options Do They Have for Drivers?

Specific home time policies vary from trucking company to trucking company and from contract to contract. Ask the company representative as well as current or former truck drivers about how home time is handled by the company. If it’s not a good fit for your lifestyle, then move onto a different company.

  1. 6. What Roadside Assistance and Maintenance Do They Offer?

Many trucking companies partially or fully cover preventative maintenance costs and offer roadside assistance. This type of support is invaluable, so try to find a trucking company that makes it easy to keep your vehicle well maintained and get help when you need it.

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