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The Future of the Trucking Industry

The United States economy relies on the trucking industry—and has for decades. An overwhelming majority of American businesses and residents depend on trucking to deliver goods across the country.

However, the future of the trucking industry is a hot topic among drivers, carriers, and operators alike. What will trucking look like in the future? How will semi-trucks change? What job opportunities can truckers expect in the coming years?

Based on trends in the trucking industry and conversations about emerging technological advancements, we can speculate about the future of trucking in the US.

Trends in the Trucking Industry

Today’s trucking industry trends are an indicator of the future of trucking. We’ve noticed the following trends over the last year, which could impact the trucking industry both in the near future and in years to come.

Increased Demand

As consumers pivot to online shopping and businesses invest in e-commerce, more and more goods need to be delivered, so there has been increased demand for more trucks on the road—which means more drivers, good job prospects, and potentially better pay.

Rising Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are unpredictable, but lately, everything from global crises to higher taxes has made the cost of oil and gas increase astronomically. To compensate for these rising fuel costs, the trucking industry has started to focus more on energy-efficient practices, like teaching drivers how to avoid practices that burn fuel faster (such as speeding). Drivers are also looking for opportunities that help them offset the additional fuel costs, and carriers with plans in place to combat fuel costs are already seeing the benefits.

Need for Efficiency

trucking-industry-trendsCarriers and drivers across the trucking industry have invested in methods and technologies to increase efficiency. In every aspect of trucking, advances in technology and processes make it easier than ever to manage resources, cut costs, and maximize revenue.

Automation technology like back-office management and data analysis allow carriers to make data-driven decisions and optimize every aspect of their trucking workflows. Software that helps plan routes provides insights into fuel use and travel time so drivers can make efficient decisions based on real-time data. Drivers and carriers alike can benefit from software that accurately estimates loading and unloading times, making it easier than ever to work efficiently and move more freight overall.

The Future of Trucking

As new technologies emerge and existing technology continues to advance, the future of the trucking industry will continue to adapt. In the coming years, we may see autonomous trucking, but drivers and human operators will always be the most important part of trucking.

Automation in Trucking

Automation technology isn’t just used for self-driving vehicles. The future of trucking will see this technology making other aspects of the industry more efficient.

From optimizing routes and automating fleet management to tracking assets to scheduling preventative maintenance, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technology will continue to grow in popularity in the trucking industry.

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