BT Trucking

I have been doing business with BT Trucking for close to 10 years now. They are very reliable and understand the importance of delivering loads on time. They have always gone the extra mile in helping us out when we are in a jam, and they will give you all of the options they have available. If there is any way possible to help their customers, they will do it! Great carrier!

Nick K.

Paper Manufacturer

B.T. Trucking and B.T. Transportation Group has been my carrier of choice for over 22 years. They offer a very personal service with outstanding communication and an on-time delivery performance second to none. They do all of this at a very competitive price.

Kevin O.

Paper Manufacturer

I have been shipping with BT Trucking for 7+ years. Mike, his office staff & drivers are the very best in the business. This is one company that I can rely on daily to get my freight delivered. It is fantastic to see a family run business like this continually provide A+ service year after year.

Frank L

Paper Distributor

BT Transportation Group

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike Irwin and his staff at BT Trucking for the past 25 years and I would highly recommend them. They’ve proven themselves to be a carrier that is willing to go out of their way to help the customer in critical time sensitive situations. Their staff is very proficient, always courteous and willing to help, even on the weekend via their cell phone, text messaging or email. Timely pickup and deliveries are crucial to our industry, so it’s great to have peace of mind knowing that the load will deliver on time.

Joanne K

Paper Manufacturer and Distributor

We have been very happy with the level of service on our freight orders recently. The reason for this is because we have been using BT Transportation Group. All of the follow through, advanced notification and updates on your shipments are because of the team at BT Transportation Group.

Carter J.

Packaging Company


I have been with B.T. Trucking and Mike Irwin, the owner, for 20 years. Truthfully, everything he as ever told me has been true. He is very honest and true to his word. I have always made money and been able to choose my own work schedule. I am always home when I need to be. I have been driving for 42 years, and BT is the best company I have ever worked for.

Roy Jones, Owner Operator

20 Years with B.T.

B.T. Trucking gave me an opportunity to buy my own truck through their lease-purchase program. The miles and pay are great. I am home as often as I want to be, which provides me with a stable family life. B.T. Trucking is family owned, and I feel a part of their family. I know I can count on B.T.’s help no matter what the circumstance.

Anthony Wright, Owner Operator

4 Years with B.T.

I have been with B.T. for 20 years, I like the lanes I run and the pay I receive, I am also home as often as I want. B. T. treats me fairly and honestly, I am now purchasing my second truck through the lease-purchase program.

Billy Bastian

20 years with B.T.