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B.T. Trucking Difference

Trucking Jobs in Chicago

According to the Statistics Brain Research Institute, in 2017, Better Financial Decisions, Personal Improvement (such as losing weight) and Family Time are amongst the top 6 resolutions made by people entering a new year.


  1. Lose Weight/Healthy Eating 21.4%
  2. Life/Self Improvements 12.3%
  3. Better Financial Decisions 8.5%
  4. Quit Smoking 7.1%
  5. Do Exciting Things 6.3%
  6. Spend More Time With Family/Close Friends 6.2%

The success of our new year resolutions are unequivocally dependent on our jobs. The time we spend at work, stress level, salary, benefits etc. are influencing factors to everything we do outside of work. Do we have enough time for ourselves and for our families, are we comfortable with our savings, when was the last time we went on vacation? These are common questions we all ask ourselves and maybe we should stop and answer. If we’re not pleased with the findings, let’s do something about it. What if we can find work which allows flexibility and competitive pay?

Truck Driver Shortage

In an October article American Trucking Association Chief Economist Bob Costello made public a report relating to the current US commercial truck driver shortage, a whopping 50,000 drivers by the end of 2017. Top the driver shortage with the ELD Mandate which went into effect in December 2017 and you have great employment opportunity for truck drivers. Most trucking companies are looking for safe and reliable workforce and one Chicagoland trucking company is especially competitive in terms of benefits. Time for those new year resolutions to come to fruition.

Whether you are a veteran commercial driver, or have just started in recent years, take a moment and look into B.T. Trucking. B.T. is a family owned trucking company headquartered in Broadview, IL that has been providing excellent service since 1988. BT offers both OTR and Regional services. Most of the OTR loads are going to and from Memphis, TN and Dallas, TX. For these runs the recruitment is done specifically from these areas, not only to ensure the fastest and most reliable service, but also to ensure the quality home time and rest of the drivers. The Regional Operating Areas include Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin.

B.T. Trucking Difference

B.T Trucking prides itself with competitive pay, lease to buy programs, fuel cards, and paid tolls. Drivers decide their schedules and their runs with weekly payroll. All B.T Trucking drivers are all owner operators, and due to the company’s successful lease to buy program, which has been successfully running for 10 years, there’s owners with as many as 7 trucks. For more information regarding the lease to buy program go to http://www.bttrucking.com/recruiting/lease-purchase/


As a truck driver, what you can bring to B.T trucking for the ideal partnership:

1.All the requirements of the FMCSRs Part 391

2.Must hold a Class A CDL

3.Have 3 years verifiable over the road experience

4.Pass a DOT physical

  1. Driving while revoked or suspended
  2. Any DUI arrest
  3. Reckless Driving
  4. Speeding 20 or more over the limit
  5. Or a combination of lessor violations in the last 12 to 36 months


Don’t hesitate and apply today at http://www.bttrucking.com/recruiting/application/



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