B.T. Trucking

Lease Purchase

In today’s economy it is difficult enough for people with proper down payments and credit to break in as an owner-operator. If you have always wanted to own your own truck but did not have proper credit or a down payment, let B.T.Trucking, Inc.START YOU DOWN THE ROAD TO SUCCESS.

Our lease purchase program has a 10 year proven success rate. We have assisted over 150 people in becoming owner–operators. How? We KEEP IT SIMPLE.

What makes our Lease Purchase Program different?

  1. Your weekly payment includes License Plate, Highway Use Tax, Physical Damage Insurance, and Bob Tail Insurance. WE KEEP IT SIMPLE, NO HIDDEN COSTS!
  2. Once accepted into this program you will own your truck after 3 years for $1.00.
  3. Our staff of experts has the knowledge and expertise to assure your success as you transition into a profitable owner operator.

B.T. Trucking does not profit from any lease. We benefit from the owner operator that it produces, always keeping in mind our philosophy that when our owner-operators are successful, we are successful.

For more information please complete the application here or call 800-842-3183 and follow the prompts for Recruiting.