CSA does not have to be a scary word. Passing a roadside inspection is very easy and calls for minimal work. Below are the keys to passing a roadside inspection and not acquiring a violation.
1) Assure that your log is current
2) Keep all your paperwork in one spot
a. Insurance card
b. Cab card
c. Permits
d. Medical Certs
e. Copy of Annual Inspection
3) Make sure you vehicle is in complete repair ( this includes the trailer)
a. Do your walk around and look at everything. (Not the tires and     Lights only)
b. You know what will draw a violation have it repaired immediately don’t wait till your cited.
4) Make certain your CDL, Medical and Yearly DOT Inspection is current. (Do not wait till the day it expires to update it. DO IT NOW!
By following these steps you will pass the inspection and be eligible for the bonus. Be careful and attentive and CSA won’t be the dirty word in trucking.